Unique rooms require unique solutions

hz acoustic manufactures absolutely unique acoustic plaster systems. hz acoustic plaster systems are jointless acoustic plaster systems, which have a very solid surface that can stand major impacts. They reduce noise by 50% with a thickness of ONLY 15 mm. The systems can be mounted on most surfaces and can be mounted in parts. Another unique solution is that errors in or damage to the system can be repaired locally.

Acoustic plaster systems according to the customer’s needs

hz acoustic plaster systems are designed to fulfil the needs of the customer without compromising on appearance, effect and durability or later maintenance. The systems can be used as acoustic ceilings or as wall linings. The acoustic systems are available from 15 to 100 mm, which can meet most requirements. The systems are well suited for all types of buildings and are available with both smooth and structured surfaces that can be coloured with various RAL and NCR colours. The acoustic systems can also be used in wet areas, such as bathrooms and indoor swimming pools.

Sustainable materials

The systems are VOC-free products, in which up to 94% of the materials are recycled and can be 100% recycled.


If, over time, the acoustic plaster system is damaged, such as water damage or for other reasons, the system can be repaired locally and therefore only requires replacement of the damaged area.

hz acoustic references

hz acoustic is built upon extensive experience in Denmark and abroad, and is a supplier for projects at the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, Kastellet (the Citadel), Carlsberg Forskerboliger (residences for researchers), Restaurant 108 Lille Noma, Copenhagen Business School, etc.

We have gathered selected references that cover everything from private homes to posh restaurants to public buildings.

hz acoustic partner

hz acoustic has partners around the world. You can find our partners here: